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Beachfront Fitness has several Certified Personal Trainers available to help you with your fitness goals.

Everyone can benefit from the help of a personal trainer.  They are not just for beginners, in fact the longer you have been working out the more you probably need one.  Personal trainers are there for YOU!  They will give you a place to start if your new to working out, keep you accountable and motivated to continue and power through until you achieve your goals.  They also provide you with an arsenal of training techniques and exercises to keep you from becoming bored and stagnant in your workouts.  If you have some issues you need to work around but just are not sure how to do it, ask a personal trainer for help.

Stop in and meet one of our amazing Personal Trainers and talk to them about starting a program catered to you and your personal goals.

We have virtual personal training available as well!!!

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Katie Taylor

NPTI Certified Personal Trainer, NPTI Certified Nutrition Coach with over 10 years experience. Katie brings personal ...


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Certificate: Professional
TimeFrame: Monday - Friday
Time: 6 months
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